What is Clutterboy?


  Clutterboy can bring a simple order out of your clutter chaos. First, magically, I make most of your stuff disappear: to recycling, Goodwill and the dump. Then together we'll create a system that's right for you - and your personal style of living and collecting. (I am a pack rat. I understand.) I can show you how to stay ahead of tomorrow's clutter and actually feel like you're in control of it.
  • I'll work with the storage you already have.
  • There is no need to buy expensive shelves and organizers.
  • Your participation is as much or as little as you'd like.
We will dive right in and changes will be obvious and good within the first hour. Guaranteed.

I offer a free assessment and I have referrals galore.

Who is Clutterboy?

My name is Tom Anderson. I live in the South Bay area below San Francisco. I've had many careers: I've performed my comedy at the National Press Club and was featured on Murphy Brown. I worked construction in Seattle and most recently I've written all kinds of stuff for all kinds of high tech companies. But I've never been far from what I love: playing with old stuff, usually in garages: buying, selling, arranging and every once in a while, dusting. By cleaning and organizing for other people, I can help them enjoy their own stuff again, no matter what that might be. (Even though it's in the garage or office, the mess is affecting what goes on in the rest of the house.) Plus what I do looks like magic to my customers and then they pay me.

I love stuff. All my life I've collected weird and wonderful old things, especially toy cars, trains, games, old paper and tins and so much more stuff, including, at one time hundreds of Mickey Mouse items. I've bought and sold thousands of crazy little things over the years. Now I've pared it down to my favorite few hundred. Like I said, I understand what you're going through. I know where it all goes. I like sunsets, chick flicks and swimming.


Call Me. I am Clutterboy.