Welcome to Clutterboy Enterprises. We hear the raves from our delighted Clutter-Clients every week, but it's become difficult to describe what exactly we do for them. The best way used to be: "We can tidy and organize any space." But it's become so much more than that. This list includes some of the specific things we've done for our clients. And the list gets longer all the time.

Alphabetize anything fast

Among the piles in a Palo Alto shed, recognize true value and shepherd objet d'art to three different museums at Stanford. Amuse you - we're gonna make this drag of a process fun!

Assemble IKEA stuff

Assemble those heavy metal shelves

Be a cheerleader when you don't know where to start

Build wooden shelves

Buoy your spirits when you're deluged with stuff

Clean the attic

Clean the bathroom and kitchen (by arrangement)

Clean the garage

Create an uncluttered space in which YOU can create

Create and facilitate filing systems

Deliver precious paintings and valuable art

Do all the stuff you don't feel like doing

Donate nearly anything

Eliminate clutter and chaos

Enable you to have fun while de-Clutterizing

Establish a trusting environment and a true comfort level

Festoon a home on Christmas Tree Lane

Find cash

Find uncashed checks

Find old beloved photos

Get you receipts for charitable donations

Give you a ton of tricks of the trade

Haul away anything to the dump (only when necessary)

Hang paintings

Hang curtain rods

Help you avoid embarrassment

Instantly improve your home's curb appeal

Indoctrinate you into the ways of Clutterboy

Juggle several tasks at once

Jump into any task you wish (and have long been dreading)

Keep stuff out of the landfill

Let you enjoy your stuff again

Maximize your space

Mini-Stage your home for an Open House

Motivate you to continue the process after we go

Never let you give up

Organize anything

Pack expertly

Prepare you and your stuff for your move

Quit well before we run up your bill

Recycle batteries

Recycle cardboard

Recycle computers

Recycle glass

Recycle plastic

Recycle metal

Recycle paint

Recycle paper

Recycle Styrofoam

Reduce the clutter in the universe - "one lifespace at a time"

Relieve a gutter of its burdens

Repot plants and spruce up your garden

Share with you brief stories of Clutter Conquests

Sweep up after we're done

Teach you the "Clutterboy Binary System"

Tidy anything

Unearth documents that are now at the Hoover Institute and the Bancroft Library

Unearth your desk or tool bench

Vacuum every nook and cranny

Wave our magic wand; you'll see the clutter disappear

X-Ray any juicy documents before we shred them (we're kidding; we needed an X in this list)

Yes, we really have done every one of these things (Except X)

Zip our lips - your privacy and your secrets are safe with us

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