Are you available in my area?
Yes, if you live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Otherwise see Clutter Consultations. (back to top)
  Can I help?
    Absolutely. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish together and how fast it'll go. (back to top)
  Can you put up shelves?
Yes, and so much more. I have a great combination of experience: improvising, noodling, brainstorming with you: all the while being very frugally creative with my solutions. I also served one rainy winter of outdoor heavy construction in Seattle! (back to top)
  Can you take stuff to the dump?
    Easily, but as Clutterboy I pride myself on the fact that I rarely take anything to the dump; I can recycle almost anything. Several times a week I'm at the recycling center in Palo Alto. They take mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, phonebooks, cardboard, glass, metal, styrofoam: you name it. In addition, the New Start Furniture Fund regularly sends their truck to the houses of my clients and takes away all kinds of furniture in decent condition, that in turn lives again with their needy families. Also, I'm always taking boxes of books to the library for their sales. (In both cases, you get the receipts!) I also know how, in many cases, to make that reeeallytired furniture live again, among people that have next to nothing.(back to top)
  Do I have to be there?
    No. You and I start together in the morning, for example, and you show me what you'd like to save and what can go. Every time, big chunks of space is taken up by those recyclables, especially cardboard boxes! (I always say: "Do you like your computer? Is it more than 6 months old? It's worth zero! We can get rid of the boxes." I know what I'm doing and I know what's valuable and what's not. I'll save up question-items for when we talk on the phone a few times during the day.(back to top)
  Do I have to feed you?
    No. Bread and water is sufficient. (back to top)
  Do You do windows?
Yes, as well as whatever else it takes to get you more comfortable in your space again. Incidentally, my experience as a junker (and a sometime purveyor of antiques enables me to separate your treasures from your trash. Then I've got all kinds of tricks to make you some money for the stuff, and in one case, even get it into museums. (back to top)
  Do you have a truck?
    Yes, a nice big Jeep that's enclosed so stuff is easy to move or store overnight. Sometimes I even amaze myself how much stuff I'm able to get in (and on top of!) my Jeep.(back to top)
  Garages AND offices?
    Absolutely. Any workspace. (Once, I even agreed to re-organize a kids' area, with them wandering through it! Like I said: I did that once.) Although I was originally drawn to garage kind of stuff, my kindly desk-side manner makes the Clutterboy Yes-No System invaluable in offices. You've heard the principles before: "a place for everything..." and "touch each item only once." (back to top)
  How long will it take to organize my office or garage?
  Trick question but the work goes very fast. Changes are obvious and good within the first hour. Guaranteed. Jobs that are "let's do two or three hours and see where we go" have often happily opened floodgates. In the "Clutter Conquests" Room, "Christmas Dad" was only 3 1/2 hours. (back to top)
  How much does it cost?
    It's cheaper than therapy (by half!) and the results are much more readily apparent. And guaranteed. (back to top)
  So... you clean AND organize?
    Yep. I got the gloves, the broom and two vacuum cleaners. For some reason I have a real knack for this. I've had several different careers in my life: this is the least stressful job I've ever had because (Oprah, are you listening?) it's my passion! And, as you can see by the photos, I'm not afraid of a little hard work! (back to top)
  The dog is happiest around active people. Do you mind if he hangs around and watches?
    No; do you mind paying me double? I'm kidding. Actually we just finished a huge job, moving a guy to Hawaii (we loaded up two mammoth storage containers that went on to a cargo ship.) They had four cats that always seemed to have one foot out the door. Despite my best efforts, we never let one escape, even for an instant. (back to top)