Your crew was invaluable! Thank you simply does not begin to express enough our gratitude,
B. & K. G., Sunnyvale

I feel a hundred years younger just talking to you!
E. N., Palo Alto

What a pleasure working with you!!! I don't think I could have done this difficult task without your judgment and CARING! Thanks for understanding where I was coming from (closing out an ERA of my life)... I cannot give you and Angel and Sebastian anything but the HIGHEST rating there is.
T.I., Woodside

He is very positive, very sensitive and the hardest working man I╣ve ever met! More than worth the fee. He and his partner accomplished miracles in a very crowded and sensitive area. He has my highest recommendation.
L.Z., Atherton

Tom has managed to take control of an ever growing monster in my home - which I loving refer to as Area 51. Tom and his team came in and in short order had cleaned out the clutter, organized the room, and packed up the garbage and hauled it out of my life! It's as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The biggest challenge was getting started and Tom did not let me falter once. He kept me focused and on task. He is also very creative and intuitive - often suggesting possibilities for storing things and placement of boxes, files - and even furniture! (My goodness... he's a stager, too?) If you have properties that need demystifying, de-cluttering, straightening out and cleaning out... I highly recommend Tom Anderson and Clutterboy. His rates are very fair, he and his team work hard without spending undue time on breaks, etc. He is easy to work with and amendable to suggestions. Think of him the next time you need a miracle worker to help your sellers to get the property in order and ready to show - or for your buyers that need to dig out the left-overs from the seller. Tom is the rainmaker; he gets the job done and you look very, very good!
J.G., Los Altos

I am in awe of the tremendous energy Tom and Angel used to filter through the rooms. Best of all they were sensitive to items of sentimental value that needed to go to the family. I highly recommend Clutterboy to clean, clear, sift and sort. If your home or garage is overwhelming you, call in a pro. Tom Anderson of Clutterboy.
E.B., Alain Pinel Realtors

Thank you -- to you and your helpers! It actually looks almost like a regular person's living room and kitchen! And thanks again for rescuing me in general. I don't know what I would've done without you.
S.W.O'B., Menlo Park

Tom Anderson and his Clutterboy staff are my first call when forming a team to organize and clear out homes for clients.╩While we are working inside the home, Tom and his crew are busy handing the recyclables and trash in the garage, out buildings and grounds in a professional and responsible manner and the results are spectacular!╩I am always amazed at how much he can recycle to save our landfill, and I have hired him to work at my own home!
J.K.S., Professional Organizer

Thanks so much for all the miracles performed on our garage last week. We both really appreciated your energy and all the skills brought to the project, and it's great to know our "tired" stuff has been recycled to folks who will put it to good use.
K.W., Los Altos

Wonderful, special clients of mine highly recommend Tom Anderson, CLUTTERBOY!
J.E., 2003 Past President, Silicon Valley Association of Realtors

Tom Anderson has brought to the Hoover Institution Library the books and pamphlets from the collection of your late husband. Thank you so much for your generous gift. (Tom explained to me how everyone assumed they had no more value, and were headed to the dumpster.) These were books that were not present in the collections of any of the Stanford University Libraries until now. Thanks to your thoughtfulness, we are pleased to be able to add them to our collections. They will appear in our online catalog so scholars around the world will know of their existence and have access to them.
C.L., Hoover Archivist

Tom coordinated with three departments at Stanford university to accomplish this complex, 12 month project for the Hoover institution archives. With a rare combination of patience, tenacity, intelligence, and good humor, he was key to rescuing valuables and placing them in a setting for a new life. He handled artwork, archives, books, documents and photographs with equal skill and sensitivity.
E.D., Director of the Hoover Library and Archives

Because he has a good understanding of the significance of documents and other historical items, Tom, on behalf of his clients, has been able to contribute countless historical items to our archival collections. These materials are and will continue to be extremely useful to researchers for decades to come.
H.H., Special Collections and Archives
Lane Medical Library
Stanford University Medical Center

It's a blessing to know that God put people like you in place to bless and help others.
M.R., County Protective Services

Thanks for all of your hard work. It's looking great! By the way, my husband was very impressed and he does not impress easily.
R.B., Atherton

Words cannot describe the treasure you unearthed for me, my family and for our future generations. In preparation for our move I had gathered dozens of bags and boxes and just wanted the whole lot hauled to the trash. In your lightning-quick style you unearthed a large packet of photos I hadn't seen in decades (you had told me it was against your religion to throw away photographs - I love that!). I'll never be able to thank you enough.
J.K., Los Altos Hills

Tom, the job you did was simply amazing. You instantly won my clients' trust and admiration. Mine, too! I will definitely call you again.
C.C., Coldwell Banker, Los Altos

I stood in the garage this morning after you left and felt the greatest sense of peace. One thing on my long list is finished and my uncle and I are so happy! Thanks again!
S.B., Los Gatos

Tom! Wow! What a day! First of all, you did a terrific job. You and Angel worked so hard and we got so much completed...Thank you! As for my Sweetheart - he was delighted that I found his Willie Mays baseball glove from when he was a kid AND a scrapbook he had been looking for. Thanks so much for all of your help. I was just amazed by what you accomplished!
R.J., Woodside

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